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Kyushu Open University, JapanInstitute of Decision Science for a Sustainable SocietyCenter for Asian Conservation EcologyAP-BONNational Institute for Environmental Studies


Ngakan Putu Oka (Hasanudin University, Indonesia)Mu Mu Aung (Forest Research Institution, Myanmar)Shuichiro Tagane (The Kagoshima University Museum)Tetsukazu Yahara (Kyushu Open University, Japan)Son Van Dang (Institution of Tropical Biology, Vietnam)Rimi Repin (Sabah Parks, Malaysia)Somran Suddee (Office of the Forest Herbarium, Thailand)Yayoi Takeuchi (National Institute for Environmental Studies)Kengo (Kyushu Open University, Japan)Phourin Chhang (Forest Administration of Cambodia)Dedy Darnaedi (Research Center for Biology LIPI, Indonesia)Sam Yen Yen (Forest Research Institute Malaysia)Hiroyuki Sato (Kyushu Open University, Japan)Yao Tze Leong (Forest Research Institute Malaysia)Bibian Michael Diway (Sarawak Forestry Corporation)Hironori Toyama (National Institute for Environmental Studies)Saw Leng Guan (Forest Research Institute Malaysia)Marlina Ardiyani (Research Center for Biology LIPI, Indonesia)Anes Syamsuardi (Andalas University, Indonesia)Sukid Rueangruea (Office of the Forest Herbarium, Thailand)Hop Tran (Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City)Ngoc Van Nguyen (Dalat University, Vietnam)Arief Hidayat (Research Center for Biology LIPI, Indonesia)Mohizah Bt. Mohamad (Sarawak Herbarium, Malaysia)Lim Chung Lu (Forest Research Institute Malaysia)Phetlasy Souladeth (National University of Laos)Ferry Slik (University of Brunei Darussalam)floraZia (Kyushu Open University, Japan)Ai Nagahama (Kyushu University, Japan)Binh Hoa Tinh (Dalat University, Vietnam)Dokrak Marod (Kasetsart University, Thailand)


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