Terms of Use

As of February 24, 2022

The "floraZia" (hereinafter referred to as "this database") is an information infrastructure that is designed to support scientific understanding of biodiversity and its conservation. This database, therefore, enhances the reproducibility and transparency of biodiversity data while promoting free and open access to such data. These terms and conditions define how users and registrants can access and utilize this database.


A "registrant" is a person who registers biological information in this database whereas a "user" is someone who uses the information found in this database.

Attribution of Rights

The copyright and other rights to the media files hosted in this database belong to the registrant. Meanwhile, the copyright and other rights relevant to this database belong to Kyushu Open University (KOU) and National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES).

Media Data License

We ensure that the media data are attributed to digital licenses as follows:

Prohibited Matters

When using this database, users are prohibited from doing any of the following:

Compensation for Damages

In case KOU, the NIES, or a registrant suffers damage resulting from a user's violation of the Terms of Use stipulated here, these same entities may demand due compensation from the user.


Linking to this Database

This database is link-free. The banners of this database are as follows:

Changes to the Terms of Use

The contents of these Terms of Use are subject to change as necessary without prior notice.

Agreement to the Terms of Use

In utilizing this database, the user is deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Use stipulated herein.